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Meet the accused who helped salmah adetutu Lawal but was tagged fraudster

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It is amazing how quick people get to label a person fraudster… Well, it is important that, fraudsters around us be exposed to save other would-be victims. However, evidence of the scam and the other side of the story are important before we reach conclusions.

There is a trending gist on Facebook about a woman who gave another woman a job to create a full online academy and webinar sales funnel for her, but alas, she scammed her….Being a deep thinker that i am, i decided to reach out to the accused, to find out IF and WHY.

Indeed she acted in such a despicable manner where over 200 people were criticizing her, but it is only fair to hear her side too, but this particular accused cannot be easily reached as she is known to keep mute no matter what you say about her, good or bad yet she will always keep calm, she is great at what she does, hmnnnn…..I devised a way to reach her through her closest circle of tight friends, and guess what? The results of my findings WILL SHOCK YOU…..Grab a seat, grab popcorn and enjoy with an open mind like I did….

What happened exactly between you and Salmah Adetutu Lawal?
Her Response below…
First of all, let me say this, i usually do not give a damn about any online brouhaha, I simply don’t have the space and time for it, but in this scenario, i am talking to you because she was so petty to drag an innocent friend’s brand and personality along. So, let the tap rush. Contrary to popular belief, I delivered Salmah Adetutu Lawal’ website. I did not just deliver, i over-delivered, and i have screenshots and videos to back this up. If you doubt me, simply ask her this question: MENTION ONE part, OR one thing that was agreed upon but not delivered, or delivered, but not working? She will have nothing to say but incohesive rambles.

Why will she have such horrid words to say about you if truly you did deliver her work?Can you share any reason?

Her response was a long gist but the main sauce. I will drop it word for word unedited. If you’re easily shocked, be prepared for a ride. Read below and comment your opinion, and remember there is a #Part two, so follow the series.

Her Response:
You wish to know the reasons why Salmah is “barking”? OK
1. Even though Salmah  claims she teaches clarity, she herself lacks clarity, at every single point she is always seeking a male validation to insane levels. She has a team culture that is regressive, her manager is out rightly dumb (or what do you call a tech manager who didn’t know that if you have two websites sharing one very limited hosting of 1GB instead of regular website hosting 10GB, deleting the old website will make the new one faster? Even a five year old knows that if a phone or tablet is slowing down and you delete pictures and videos, the device becomes faster, so how come a tech manager does not know this? And this is a person she seeks validation from? There is no other way to swerve her to hate what has been done than to badmouth it just because she did
not give him the project. She is so shallow. And because they both lack clarity they do not know what to do next after the website has been delivered hence their constant

2. Throughout this brouhaha, the question, I and Ganiyat, that is my best friend, asked
salmah and her manager and she has not 1 answer for till date is: Salmah, MENTION ONE PART, OR one thing that was agreed upon but not delivered, or delivered, but not working?
Oga interviewer, If you are fair enough in your conscience, ask Salmah this question and see if she has an answer. She will never have an answer. All she does is ramble like a venomous half-snake.

The question to Salmah again is: MENTION ONE PART, OR one thing that was agreed upon but not delivered, or delivered, but not working?. Take a few seconds to ask her this question and if ALL she does is ramble on and on without stating and showing you that tangible query, then ask for forgiveness for your previous thoughts,ignore her and learn that first to speak may not always speak sense. Remember to ask her for clear evidences. This was the same question Ganiyat asked her, she had no answer, instead she blocked Ganiyat.

Ganiyat asked her, what exactly did you agree upon that was not done? Tell me, and i will relay it to her. She has no answer, if she cannot answer this question, then what is she rambling on about?


3. During the walkthrough, (I organized a walkthrough session to show her the project and deliver) three weeks ago, I asked her if she had any changes whatsoever to be made
on the work done, state them and these changes will be made. All the changes salmah
requested for were less than five and they were absolutely minimal, E.g Change the text
on this button from “Get Your MBA Now” to “Get Started” Or edit the thumbnail to show wrapped text, all these were done instantly. Not one correction was left undone.


4. Eighteen days after delivery, I was shocked to discover Salmah has not gone through
the site AT ALL, then why is she cursing and what is she cursing about if she has not
even gone through the site? How did I know she has not gone through it? See the
screenshot below. She stated her minimal changes after going through the site, like i
said above the changes were so minimal and instantly implemented. She even wanted me to write my name and surname as testimonial, but on a second thought, I removed it, because of her lousy attitude.

5. The only thing Salmah said again, was that her site was slower than normal, instantly, I
checked it, I found out her hosting capacity was small, 1GB as opposed to the regular
10GB for most basic websites, I asked her if it is okay to delete the old site, and the only
site on the hosting will be the new site to free up disc space and increase speed, her
manager said it was OK, see screenshot below, and it was done, instantly, the site sped up.

Salmah never expressed to me that even though the old site has been deleted, she still was not comfortable with the speed, if she had, I would have mentioned other options to increase site speed, but she never did, and the site was loading OK. Besides, she gave me her hosting details which was bought by her previous developer, whom she had bad-mouthed extensively. I wasn’t the one who bought the initial domain name and hosting and as a protocol, I never do, I prefer to let clients do so themselves so they can own their virtual property.

6. The story is longggg. Naturally, I prefer to be quiet. It’s a pity I’m breaking my silence
principle for this cause. Maybe I would have left some things out but since she went out
of our business deals to rant to the public with lies, I am left with no choice. Salmah is a single mother of three kids, she has no financial assistance from her ex-husband, she has no day job, she recently relocated to the USA on a study visa with her children but she is currently not studying. It is only natural to feel sympathy for her as a fellow woman. At the beginning of the project with Salmah, I had an engagement with an European coaching company that helped coaches monetize their followers, I instantly asked about the African coaches on the platform and I was told, there was none, I was amazed. I asked why? And they said, African coaches can not deliver the standard they seek, i asked if i could make recommendations, and i was given 5 slots. I instantly introduced Nigerian coaches I admire onto the platform and I called Salmah to excitedly tell her about it (the screenshot of the initial chat where I informed salmah is shown below). Note That GNT Presenter is “Salmah Adetutu Lawal

I was just happy to help fellow women earn six digits recurrently in hard currency, that
was all…My tight schedule could not have allowed me to participate anyways, so why not share? I quickly figured out that since Salmah’s website will take a while to complete, it will be nice for her to start earning that amount right towards the end of completing her website or even before launch so she wouldn’t feel any financial pressure while doing her launch marketing. This was my goal. To help a fellow sister earn good with her skills.

This was completely different from the website contract. When I had chat Salmah up about it, she was so excited, so pumped. she immediately called me and I gave her more details and the tasks she had to perform to get on the platform. I was keen, because I didn’t want anyone I introduced not to live up to expectation. I specifically asked salmah, can you handle it? And she said yes. So far it is
for money. I’ll give you the SCREENSHOTS. I told her to let’s roll immediately. After this,
the following happened.

● She asked me to do a landing page for her outside our agreed tasks, and i said
NO, i have to stick to the work of the website so i can get the website finished on

● She asked me to input multiple links on her instagram bio, I told her again, NO, it
is not within our website and sales funnel work scope, therefore i can’t, but go to and open an account to input multiple links in your instagram bio.

● She told me her domain was expiring, that i should renew it, i told her NO, i explained to
her that your domain and hosting is like your property, your land, and i am there to build
the website which is like the house, if you need to renew it, it is your task and your role.
I don’t know what happened, but she became rude, saucy, constantly swearing and
cursing, SCREENSHOTS AVAILABLE. I still was not dismayed as the way I feel towards
a person will never influence my dealings with them, I am personally wired like that.
And so i reached out to her and asked her about all her deliverables for the EU Coaching
company, she refused to answer, she will cut my calls, not respond to messages, not respond to greetings. I was being asked over and over about her and she didn’t respond, so i figured that i dare not introduce a person with a shallow behaviour to a company like this, so i stopped asking her and told the company she lost interest.

Two of the coaches on this platform I introduced to have already received payment once and scheduled to receive another 400K payment today, how surreal, i wanted salmah to earn such too from the onset. During the walk through, she asked how she will earn six figures in hard currency, i reminded her of her ignoring everything about the project and how it was withdrawn, she was shocked, so shocked, (video evidence available) apparently, she had forgotten that the platform i was introducing her to was a different company, it had nothing to do with her website work, it was out of the sheer benevolence of my heart. When she realized i had created exactly plus more of what we agreed upon which was a structured, fully automated online academy with e-commerce capability and a webinar sales funnel and i delivered them to the letter, she became aghast, she suddenly realized she lost the instant monetization connection and has spoilt the relationship so bad it was not coming back.  That was the exact root cause of her venom. That is why she is bitter. And i have no regrets, imagine introducing such a callous person to an international platform and just one little friction, she will end up insulting either me or them one day. So good riddance!

………Part 1 of the Interview ends………

She later sent me the exact email she sent to Salmah over one month ago, detailing Salmah’s expectation of the website, Salmah’s requests, Salmah’s manager’s request, her own suggestions, the work done, and the work delivered, and needless to say that i was shocked and even became more confused because it contained Live WhatsApp Screenshots
Click the button below to read it and help judge this matter. Did she really deliver or she scammed?…….Stay Tuned for part 2 on

                    ………….Part 2 …………..


Have you read part 1? Please click here to read so you can get the full gist.
This Part 2 is about more evidences to the accuse’ claims in Part 1. What you will read below is an e-mail sent to Miss Salmah by Gbemmy Oyekan (as she prefers to be addressed) and WhatsApp transcript(unedited) of their correspondences. Open up your mind and drop your comments thereafter. Enjoy!

On February 14th 2020 Miss Salmah Lawal contracted Gbemmy Oyekan of Ecommerce Naija to re-construct her existing website to perform her desired automated functions.
Also involved and included in the conversation is Miss Lawal’s Manager,Mr. AbdulKadir.

In her words, below are her expectations of the new website to be built.

I want a fully automated business website.
All my services would have auto responders from start to finish. My courses will be uploaded and taken as yours work.                        I want to be able to do Live webinars on my website and it should be saved. there for later viewings.                                                                               I want my social media accounts link to my website.                                                                                  I want all my activities carefully documented on my website.                                                                   I want the photos changed.                                         I want a rebranding of the website but with my colours and logo still same.                                  I want my products fully uploaded on the same site and not just my services.                        I want you to carry me along in getting things done myself.                                                                      I want your ideas on how to make money using that site.

Below is Mr Abdul Kadir”s expectations for the new website
– Fully functional online academy with a robust array of functions for
students and admin
– An automated sales funnel webinar to convert webinar attendees to
customers of the hot program, EXUDE CONFIDENCE
PLEASE NOTE: All the above extracted confirmation were extracted from the
website revamp WhatsApp group and personal chat with Miss Lawal. Chat
Transcripts are also available.
After numerous phone calls, below are the list of suggested deliverables by Ecommerce Naija
Deliverables and concluded tasks.
1. Re-construct a fresh SAL website on same hosting and c-panel but
maintain brand element like color.
2. The new site must be an online academy, capable of delivering courses
in a 100$% automated fashion.
– The site should have an inbuilt Course Builder that allows you to
easily create multi-layer courses.
– It should have the ability to issue a certificate on auto,
– Create quizzes
_ Issue Course points on auto
– Accept assignment and grade them on auto or manually
– Unlimited courses, unlimited lessons. Protection of courses against piracy
3. The website must be sleek, smooth and deliver all aspects of the SAL
brand using tech tools for great UX
4. The website must be fully ecommerce,apparels will be sold therefore,
payment must be received automatically, shipping to 220 countries
worldwide,and all currencies worldwide must be accepted with the default
currency being dollars.
5. Books can be sold on the site, upon checkout, the books will be
delivered either physically or virtually to the client
6. Services will be sold on the site, if a visitor clicks the call to
action button and fill the form, the website should automatically email
admin for immediate follow up of inquiry
7. The courses area should have groups where students and convene and
network privately for each course
8. All products (courses, clubs, books, etc) should feature on the site
9. A webinar sales funnel for Exude Confidence Course should be created
and hosted on the site whereby,
– A visitor visits the site/webinar link
– signs up for the webinar
-watches the webinar
-Clicks the link of the webinar offer
– goes to the sales page of webinar offer
– adds club to cart
=checks out
-gets login details in inbox
-access club
-start receiving daily lessons and tasks on auto
– completes lessons and tasks, get certified on auto

Listed below are the concluded points of engagement.
1. The project will take 4 weeks period to create
2.The project will commence March 1st to 31st, but between February
14-29th, The SAL team will collate and send all needed content to execute
the project
3. The SAL team will provide needed content and deliverables to execute
the project
4. The project will cost N400k. This payment was made in full.

On february 15th, the list of deliverables needed to execute the project
was sent. Deliverables requested by Ecommerce Naija to The SAL team below.
Find below the scope of deliverables from your end to mine in the next two weeks.
Remember that you can send in bits not necessarily in bulk. Feel free to also reply this email with any questions.
Kindly copy your manager as well.
1. Logo
2. Brand or Logo Guide
3. Paystack login details
4. PayPal login details
5. Brief copy for all products and services listed below.
A. Presentation (Teachers, Marketers, TV & Radio, Presenter, Undergraduates, General)
B. Consultancy.                                                                C. General Communication skills.                          (6) Two minutes video introducing webinar (I would like to review the script of all videos too before recording please).                                  (7) Webinar video for discovering your purpose (45minutes long).                                        (8) Coaching and Mentorship Prices and Deliverables.                                                                    (9) Five quiz Questions, Multichoice Options, and Results Page Content for (A) Discover Purpose Service.  (B) Exude Confidence Service.  follow up and onboarding emails for courses.                                                                        (11) Books and Clothes Product list, Price, Colors, Quantity available Attributes, etc.       (12) For Exuding Confidence Course and Helping People Discover their Skills, please send Brief Copy and Templates, PDFs, Videos, Assignment. Lesson, Guides

Pending Deliverables as at May 7 2020
(1) Two minutes video introducing webinar (I would like to review the script of all videos too before recording please)
(2) Webinar video for discovering your purpose (45minutes long)
(3) Five quiz Questions, Multichoice Options, and Results Page Content for (A) Discover
Purpose Service follow up and onboarding emails for discover purpose, exude confidence, and all evergreen
courses… (not more than five emails).                (4) Follow up emails for Presentation Products. These emails should be all-encompassing for Teachers, Marketers, TV and radio Presenters, Children, Teenagers, Undergrads, and General.                                        (5) For Exuding Confidence Course and Helping People Discover their Skills, please send Brief Copy and Templates, PDFs, Videos, Assignment. Lesson, Guides

March 1 – 22ND – Website Structure Creation
March 22nd to April 30th – Content, visual, and marketing structure creation and installment. At this point, Ecommerce Naija apologizes immensely for the delay in work completion due to the sudden slow down of work process caused by the Corona Pandemic worldwide. This global impediment affected the Ecommerce Naija team, because most team members were not able to access the required resources, like power, software, fibre-optics internet connection etc to complete the project at the initial fast daily speed without going to the office.
Upon the relaxation of the NO-movement, pandemic induced rule, thus team members can now resume work, below is the status report on the construction of the website.

– Home Page
– Full fledged online academy of international standard
– 12 courses created using placeholders in the absence of real course videos not yet supplied
by the SAL team
– 2 Clubs for 2 hero courses
– 15 products in online shop.                                        5 services created (Business consulting, counselling, content development. Book club, Book writing).                                                                  – 11 Dummy lessons for each course created using placeholders in the absence of real course videos not yet supplied by the SAL team

– Webinar Landing Page
-Webinar registration page
– Webinar confirmation page
– Webinar watch page
– Student login area
– Instructor admin area
– Automatic payment checkout in any currency
– Social media link integration
-Blog page
– Automatic Syncing of services inquiry to email (Full mailchimp marketing automation)
– contact forms creation
• Add, delete or modify pages
• Admin manager
• Picture manager
• Product Manager
Admin Section
• Admin login
• Choose product state
• Display unit prices on the products
• Unlimited categories and sub                    Product variables (size, color, etc.)
• User manager
• View/cancel orders
• View sales reports
• View inventory
• Coupon manager
Customer Section
• Customer login
• Customers registration and personal accounts
• Forgotten passwords recovery
• Shipping Calculator
International shipping and delivery to 220 countries within 5 days (salmah later instructed that
the shipping and fashion products should be taken off the site and the site should remain an online academy only)
• Tax Calculator
• Invoice Billing
• Order Status
-Mobile friendly version
= Live chat with ability to detect any site visitor, their location and their details, as well as ability
to initiate chats with them.                           …….End of Mail and Chat Transcripts…….
I sighed and asked her what happened at the point of delivery. Did Miss Salmah express

Her Response below:
A virtual walkthrough was scheduled for May 7TH 2020 but it was held a day after to deliver what was built. During the walkthrough Miss Salmah was impressed by the functions of the website and had glowing remarks for the job done. She spoke so glowingly about the project and the ENTIRE walk through was recorded in a five hours video. This video is available to go viral on the internet alongside her scammer claims. At the end of the walkthrough, the SAL team was given 14 days to look through the site, upload videos of courses, sell and promote, should there be any glitch it will be fixed, if there are any corrections, it will be done.

I asked further..Do you think there’s more to what is happening?

Her Response:
Well, i highlighted six points earlier. Please note that the email i forwarded to you was sent to Salmah but i got no response till date.
Dear readers, while trying to find answers to questions to bail me out of this confusion (isn’t the whole drama confusing? lolz), i discovered there is a Niqab(Muslim Face Covering Veil) wearing sister (Shariifah Yunus) who has been escalating the issue, giving Miss Salmah Lawal a push to drag the other party, dropping comments here and there instigating people to drop bad reviews
about the website developer. Well, it took some efforts to know she covers her face because of her use of words like sh*t and
f**k online.  She did a post on the scam story and her comments showed that she knows the supposed “scammer” well. Where did she come in? Has she ever given Gbemmy Oyekan a job and was scammed? My enquiries revealed she hasn’t. Why is she all over the place? The gists i collated from over five people about her is so hot. I will surely bring you the shocker.

Screenshots of the conversation had


Thank you for reading stay close  to read part 3 ……….on

                     ………..Part 3………….


#AuntyShariifah Series.
There is no smoke without fire they say.. Maybe the 2 major parties involved would have resolved amicably but there was a middleman!.
Hearing the accused side has been very illuminating to the whole saga, particularly when i discovered that Miss Salmah has not answered the major question on what part of their contract was not delivered or delivered but not functioning. Waoooh. Or Maybe she has. I can’t wait to see her evidence dropped here or on my primary source (Her Facebook Page!). But in all of these stories, a particular name was super prominent, as a fact seeker, I noticed that this person made very serious allegations about the accused, I saw so many comments made by her and screenshots flying around.
Remember I introduced her in Part 2? Yeah…
Who exactly is this person?
What is her role?
And what is her agenda?
I needed to ask around a bit about her and i found out that
● She is a mother
● She is an entrepreneur
● She is a niqobite (that is she wears the black full face and body veil adorned by muslim
women which is also a symbol of piety)
I asked around particularly those who are close to her, fellow women and well, what was said about her was unprintable, but in summary, she is known to fire up conflicts, add fuel to
arguments while going back and forth between parties pretending to be a mediator while in actual sense she is a gossip, rumor springer with the worst of attitudes. Three particular stories stood out while I was gathering facts about her. She once accused a
high-positioned Lagos state staff of opening her face cover (a despicable act to face-covering muslim women). She made so much noise about the incident and made many believe it was
fact and happened exactly the way she recounted it, meanwhile, it was not. It was not until the Lagos State staff gave a rejoinder and denied completely the accusation did people discover she
was exaggerating and seeking a pity party all the while.

Same people who spoke about the misdeed done to her were the same people who bit their fingers in regret when the rejoinder showed that she had exaggerated beyond moderation.
Another story I heard was quite funny but with a serious undertone.

This same Shariifah Yunus lady, being a little lady in height and stature is known to be mean and fuels her ego to get drunk when she is referred to as “aunty Shariifah”, and if anyone way
younger dares not refer to her as “aunty” she gets mad. She once sacked a photographer she employed on the day of an event because she called her by name without the ego-intoxicating
prefix “aunty”.
Waoh! That is deep!
Let’s hear more about Aunty Shariifah
The last story I heard from the muslim women in this same WhatsApp group which there is
actually an audio recording to back it up with was of Miss Salmah speaking horribly about Shariifah less than 10 days ago claiming shariifah used her as a free speaker for her event for muslim sisters which she holds regularly.

Oh…it didn’t end well between them.
Miss Salmah returned home late and tired from the event where she even gave Shariifah Yunus a complimentary copy of her book. However, she picked some spices at the event (Oh,
yeah..Shariifah sells spices!) but before she could get back to her Ibadan home same day from Shariifah’s event, Shariifah (through her P.A.) has placed several calls over requesting for the
payment for the spices which was actually a peanut compared to what she got from Salmah in service and gift!
The above made me realize that Salmah and Shariifah Yunus actually were not in good terms before this incident (Ah ah! Now you know why Shariifah must buy the friendship back in anyway!).
If shariifah heard the audio recording of Salmah speaking ill about her, will she still be as fired up as she is to protect her friend or the world against scammers? Anyways, I knew that no matter how much I asked around about her, I would still have to ask Gbemmy about her involvement in the Salmah case to get the real sauce. Well, what i found out was incredible! From shariifah using her husband’s phone to impersonate one of Gbemmy’s closest friend’ husband in order to reach Gbemmy, to her publicly sharing and posting slandering content on her social media WITHOUT ever confirming from both sides and all the while trying to appear as a pious moderator. This particular person, even though I learnt she has a small build, she definitely has ALL the elements and traits of a great blockbuster movie.
Read Gbemmy’s part below when I asked her about Shariifah.
“Yes, I know sharifah, I have spoken for free at two of her events previously and used to be on her facebook contacts.
We have a mutual friend and I was shocked when Shaarifah shared Salmah”s slandering post
on her own wall without asking me.    No Facebook or WhatsApp DM. Nothing, She simply shared
the post and added her own exotic caption where she and salmah fantasized openly in the
comment section about how the toxicity of their writings could lead me to suicide. I laughed and blocked Shariifah because i have deliverables that are more important to me.
Three days later Shariifah reached out to me on WhatsApp sending me the screenshot of Salmah’s slander post. Can you imagine that? I have the screenshot of the chat!. I simply asked her what her mission was in my messenger app, because she already slandered me in public. I dropped questions like: Why then are you reaching out to me? Which should come first? What is your motive? Will anything I say change your opinion or redeem your slander? She got irritated and blocked me. That’s ok? Because I do not suffer two-faced snitches anyways. Only for this woman to use her husband’s phone to impersonate my close friend’s husband, pretend to be my close friend just to speak to me. I was disgusted, because she was the one who blocked me initially not me, so why will you start sneaking around pretending to be a mutual friend’s husband just to speak with sweet-mouth me? I have audio and screenshot to back this impersonation up.

Madam, you reached out to me to get my side of the story; so many other reasonable people did same. But not this “Niqab” veil  wearing woman who will slander you publicly without proof, and still reach out to you to act as an angel. Tuehhhhh”.

Interesting read??? The End? No! Don’t you want to hear from Ganiyat? You remeber her from part 1? Yes..Gbemmy’s best friend
who introduced Gbemmy to Salmah and got a big hit from Salmah for not condemning her friend unjustly. Salmah did not stop at calling her out but also called out her business! She got a label “The Scammers geng”! Well…Salmah later edited her post to say that Ganiyat is not a scammer but a scammer’s friend. Let’s hear from the woman who Salmah feel should go down with Gbemmy because they are friends!

 Meet Ganiyat in Part 4 (The Best Friend’s side).
Don’t forget to leave your comments!

Thank you for reading stay close  to read part 4………on

                     …………Part 4…………


The Best Friend’s Version
My investigation continued on this same saga and it would have been incomplete and unfair for it to end without hearing the side of the connector, the person who made the connection between Salmah and Gbemmy.
And so I reached out to her, she is the founder and managing director of the renowned natural spice brand                                                She is a major manufacturer with nationwide and worldwide distributors and extremely busy and short for time just like Gbemmy but willing to tell her side as evident from her comments on Salmah’s post.

On my own, I found out that these ladies may appear to be mute on social media on trending issues, but really, in all honest reality, they are always short and pressed for time due to the demanding nature of their careers.
Back to the main gist……..
Ganiyat simply forwarded multiple screenshots to me. In the shots, she asked Salmah, begged Salmah actually to state exactly what has not been executed according to agreement and Salmah never for once, mention what was left undone or what was done but not working properly.
Ganiyat also mentioned that Salmah got angry and decided to slander their brand names openly and directly on social media when Salmah accused her that she was keeping quiet because she was embarrassed. She corrected Salmah saying “I wasn’t embarrassed because she delivered
what you asked for and when i asked you specifically for what she did wrong or did not do, you had no answer”.
Ganiyat said that at some point, Salmah told her to hands off the case and leave it to her
(Salmah’s) manager to handle. “Salmah told me not to meddle any further, so what exactly is Salmah’s pain point?” she said. She supported her claim with WhatsApp Screenshots. See them below.

The screenshots are meant to back up Ganiyat’s position; what she said and didn’t say, what she did and didn’t do in this saga.
I wish i could get more out of Ganiyat but she’s obviously too busy with her reigning healthy spices business.
Shall we close this curtain now?Wait! The answers to the other questions on your mind are captured in Part 5! We close the
curtain there.
Let’s have your comments below!.

                  ………..Part 5…….

MEET THE WOMAN WHO SCAMMED SALMAH ADETUTU LAWAL (The Final Part).              Closing the Curtains….. I started with the woman that was accused -Gbemmy, so I will wrap it up with the final part of my interview with her. Gbemmy, why didn’t you respond to Salmah’ allegations on her page? Is there anything you would like to add to all you’ve said before we end this?

Her Response:
Well, I have asked several times, Ganiyat has also asked, and I told you to ask too…ask what and who? Ask Salmah Adetutu Lawal the same question we’ve been asking her. “MENTION ONE PART, OR one thing that was agreed upon but not delivered, or delivered, but now not working?“ That answer would have resolved any issue if any amicably.
About what I have to add. I think I should respond to some of the things she wrote
about me.
1. She said I’m just a contractor that I don’t know my onions. Clients info are
confidential; maybe I would have shared some of my great successes. Anyone
who cares to know more is free to contact me.
2. She wrote in her post that she paid me 400k for “small automation”. The screenshots and transcripts i attached of her expectations are evident enough.
Please judge it yourself if it’s small or not. I learnt some of her friends said N11,000
will do the job. Please I have jobs for them. I don’t blame them however. She misled them. Why didn’t Salmah list out exactly what she told me to do on her page?
3. She said I reek of arrogance and I am saucy. Judge this yourself from the screenshots too! She also needs an emoticon tutor because I don’t know when the finger emoticon became an “annoyance” emoticon as she claimed in her post.
4. On her post, someone asked her if she’s ready for a revamp and she said No.
Why NO? I didn’t deliver and you don’t want a revamp? Lolz.
5. She mentioned that I am married to a celebrity. Is that a problem to her in
6. She said I relocated but I can’t run. Did I relocate after her deal and with 400k?
She threatened to write my embassy. She should do so, I have a legal standing and can go in and out of my country without fear, she is the one Trump will descend on if she tries such. So she needs to think twice so she doesn’t earn deportation. She knows what I mean.
I have more questions for Salmah.
Dear Salmah,
-Why did you block me before doing a post about me? So that I won’t be able to
narrate my part of the story? Why then did you say you challenge me to speak up?
How will those you misled be able to read my part?
-Why did you delete Ganiyat’s comments and all the WhatsApp screenshots she
attached to nullify the lies in your post? You realized your shallow followers stopped
hailing you having read the truth then you deleted the comments and blocked her!
Cowardice! Cowardice from a coach teaching kids to exude confidence! Poor kids!
-You called Ganiyat out and tagged us “A loyal scammer geng” then returned to same
post to say Ganiyat is not a scammer?
You also asked me to put my name under a testimonial on your exude confidence
page, but not my name as the website creator because you will destroy me with
anyone i refer to you for referrals. Tell your doctor to check you for Bipolar disorder!
If you slander someone, stick with it throughout, stop editing posts and deleting
comments, if you dont want my name on your site as the creator, dont ask me to put
my name under a false testimonial, I can never be your student.
-To start with, do you even know the meaning of scam??? You were unsatisfied! Simple
English! and the reason why you were unsatisfied is incoherent from your blabbings.
-You made reference to my picture on a well-lit street at night. It’s fine right? You
acknowledged it! For you to ask if a place with street lights won’t be fine at night shows
how daft you are.
-Are you no longer a Muslim? I ask because you swore several times in your posts that as
a Muslim you have to cover up a fellow Muslim but that cover went off within 24hours.
Who needs cover if not you?
-Salmah Adetutu Lawal! A therapist who cannot separate personal beefing from
business issues! You are a therapist who needs a therapist. Don’t you think so?

I know you’re grieved because of the EU Coaching link you lost. Will you like me to get
you back on board? I am here to help you. Just ask. And be sure to post it on your
page later. Are you ready? and once again i ask, was there any part of the agreement, your request, my deliverables that was not fulfilled? state it. Is there any correction that was not done? state it.
If you slander me more than this, i will go beyond screenshots and post the LIVE VIDEO
of your raw reaction of praises and great words when the project was delivered to you?
didnt you know i was recording? i have four hours live video evidence. I will like it to go
viral, I will put it side by side your slander and your reaction. All Ganiyats comment you
deleted and your responses are shown in the screenshots too.

My parting words go to those who sank in Salmah’ lies and dropped negative reviews
about me everywhere. Decide if to withdraw your negative comments or not after
reading my part of the story. I leave you to God Almighty to judge you for slandering
without investigating.
………………………………………End of Interview……………………………
Did you just sigh heavily? I also did!
Don’t forget to leave your comments below

Thank you for reading the final part ………..keep tabs on for more exciting celebgist, biography & Infogist.


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