Mystery!!! as woman of 59 years old slumps to death after dropping from an unknown vehicle in Ekiti State.

A 59-year-old woman, known as Victoria Yemisi Omoare, is reportedly dead as she dropped from a private car to urinate on the Ekiti State University Road in Ado-Ekiti, a spot in the slaughterhouse.

Narrating the incident, the vehicle driver who was said to have been a lecturer at Ekiti State University’s Faculty of Agriculture, Mr Orimaye Oluwafemi, told EKSU where and when the incident took place. he went to EKSU with the lady who died.

Olubafemi said that the woman who stayed there and the student decided to follow him was going to school to pick up some water leaf on his farm and to withdraw money via the ATM.

He said that he could use research contents when he decided to stop at the road to take a picture of a tree, late Omoare use the opportunity to urinate into a nearby bush after he went to check on the woman after five minutes only to see her falling apart and she died on the spot.

Mr. Oluwafemi reported that the Akoko born woman was a high school teacher in Adegbola, Akure, Ondo state and stayed in Ado Ekiti with her family until the coronavirus in Ekiti had been confirmed, although no one of her family members knew about him.

Although death may not be traceable as a result of a COVID-19 pandemic, some medical experts and security officers who visited the incident scene have argued autopsy should be performed to test for the health condition of a woman’s existence.

He noted that the unmarried woman had just completed her PhD and on the second day she ended up having fasting for three days she had recently complaining of abdominal pain.

The woman’s body was carried to the morgue of Ado Ekiti State Teaching Hospital.