Inspiration and Motivation



No one ever decides to be a fool, but sadly people have become just that.

I once heard Olakunle Soriyan say “foolishness is an office, and people must occupy it”. I was shocked and was also curious.

I wondered how people go about their daily activities and never know they are actually occupying the fool’s office.

So how do we get to differentiate the wise from the Foolish?

The labour of the foolish wearieth every one of them, because he knoweth not how to go to the city (Eccl 10:15.

From that scripture it will be hard to recognize a fool because he’s going about his daily activities, labouring like every other person. But the difference is that his labour yields no result and even causes pain to everyone around him because he’s busy labouring without even knowing how to go about it.

So don’t just labour, don’t just work, know the how and keep increasing in knowledge.

A man once said, if I was given 3 days to cut down a tree, I will use 2 days to sharpen my knife and then cut in one day. Don’t just be effective, be efficient, quit occupying the fool’s office!